Customer Reviews

All the practical tips that can immediately be applied in the classroom! - 04.09.19 AH Modern Languages
V McBratney
  • V McBratney
  • ESMS
Great presenter, very informative. Small course gave much more opportunity to interact - 05.19.19 N5 Geography
H Grant
  • H Grant
  • Brannock High School
Great with lots of relevant and informative discussion due to small number of people - 05.09.19 N5 Geography
C Adam
  • C Adam
  • George Watson’s College
Thank you for such an informative, accessible and engaging session! 04.09.19 AH Modern Languages
K Taylor
  • K Taylor
  • Queen Victoria School
This was a very valuable training. It was very well presented and explained. Thank you! - 04.09.19 AH Modern Languages
C Couharde
  • C Couharde
  • Peebles High School
Great couse, all aspects really useful, feel now much better equiped to deliver this course. Douglas is always very engaging and happy to discuss ideas and answer lots of questions - 04.09.19 AH Modern Languages
N Fraser
  • N Fraser
  • Bishopbriggs Academy
This was by far the best course I have attended in this field so far. The tutor Brian was excellent and his advice was grounded, practical and relevant. Excellent - 05.12.18 Preparing for Senior Management
Margo Brady
  • Margo Brady
  • Holyrood Secondary
An excellent course, which is very well delivered. This is well worth attending if you’re considering a move to SLT as it provides practical advice on applications and preparation for interview. The course has certainly given me lots to think about and it has inspired me to explore the roles of senior leadership in greater detail - 05.12.18 Preparing for Senior Management
David Sommerville
  • David Sommerville
  • Hamilton College
I found the session to be extremely valuable. The course was very practical - preparing answers to application and interview questions wile gaining feedback and knowledge from facilitator Brian. I would recommend this to anyone who is beginning to think about applying for DHT positions - 05.12.18 Preparing for Senior Management
Niall Hunter
  • Niall Hunter
  • Bellahouston Academy
Very well structured with great resources - 10.10.18 N5 Business Management
Kirsty Young
  • Kirsty Young
  • Falkirk High School
Excellent content, well delivered - useful resources - 10.10.18 N5 Business Management
Andy Campbell
  • Andy Campbell
  • Dumfries High School
Absolutely superb, everything covered and more - 10.10.18 N5 Business Management
Nicola Carrigan
  • Nicola Carrigan
  • Airdrie Academy
A brilliant course - so helpful and has given a huge amount of food for thought - 08.10.18 Managing your department/faculty
Fiona Malcolm
  • Fiona Malcolm
  • Eastwood High School
Excellent delivery and realistic idea of role involvement with shared ideas of others in group - 08.10.18 Managing your department/faculty
Colleen McCarron
  • Colleen McCarron
  • Caldervale High School
Great course, thank you Tom and AOK Learning. It was very helpful - 03.10.18 N5 P.E
Jamie Millar
  • Jamie Millar
  • Peebles High School
Very well delivered. Enjoyable course, improved confidence in delivering the course, thank you - 03.10.18 N5 P.E
Caroline Heron
  • Caroline Heron
  • Mary Erskine - ESMS
I was worried the course would be too basic as I have been in the post for a year. However, there were still lots of useful pieces of information - 02.10.18 Introduction to Pastoral Care
Linda Jeffrey
  • Linda Jeffrey
  • Bell Baxter High School
Thank you for giving a very good presentation on pastoral care. Thoroughly enjoyed it :-) - 02.10.18 Introduction to Pastoral Care
Farida Sarwar
  • Farida Sarwar
  • Lochend Community High School
Higher Geography 19.09.18 - Excellent Content
A Martin
  • A Martin
  • Knightswood Secondary
Higher Geography 19.09.18 - Thanks Again. These courses really help!
Simon Lees
  • Simon Lees
  • Brannock High School
another excellent worthwhile course which will assist me with delivering HCS
  • Anonymous
’was a really good course, covered what is involved and how to tackle all parts. i liked the handouts and they will prove useful for the department and future reference’
  • Anonymous
’I am emailing to thank you for an excellent training session on Friday. The information you delivered was detailed and concise. I know it will help in my delivery of the course and assignment. I would also like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your resources. In ten years of teaching I have, genuinely, never attended a more worthwhile course than the one you delivered.’
  • Anonymous
Great tutor for the pastoral course a few weeks ago, very informative and plenty resources to take away and reflect on! Thank you AOK!
Greg Wilson
  • Greg Wilson
Great course on introduction to pastoral! Great tutor! Thanks so much
Audrey Duguid
  • Audrey Duguid

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