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BGE - Raising Standards Boosting Literacy

BGE - Raising Standards Boosting Literacy

Literacy is currently a major buzz word in the world of education. It is
seldom off the lips of head teachers, teachers, education specialists and

At AOK Learning, we do more than talk about it. We have produced
teaching and learning material in step-by-step, easy to use literacy units
which can be used as part of class-work or for individual study. In
reader-friendly language, they tackle this real challenge to ensure pupils
can move up the school with sound literacy standards in place.
This teaching and learning material, targeted on boosting basic literacy,
may be used in a variety of ways.

In the classroom, it can supplement existing English courses when
additional focus on spelling, punctuation and vocabulary building is
thought to be useful. It also makes practical suggestions on how to create
better texts at both sentence and paragraph level.

There are also various ideas for developing creative writing.

Individual students with localised needs in any of the above areas will
find the step-by-step unit exercises easy to follow in private study, with
clear explanations and plenty of practical exercises to reinforce the
learning process.

This is teaching and learning material which can be worked through unit
by unit or it can be dipped into wherever there is felt to be a particular

However you may choose to employ these units, we hope you enjoy using
them and find them helpful!

Product Contents

UNIT 1 Spelling Help

1. 'ie' or 'ei'?
2. 'ible' or 'able'?
3. Problems with pesky plurals?
4. 'shus' or 'shus'?
5. 'shul' or 'shul'?
6. Drop or keep that final 'e'?
7. '-ant' or 'ent'?
8. Do I have to double up?
9. Hesitant about homonyms?
10. Spelling strategies for you!

UNIT 2 Vocabulary Building

1. How do synonyms help?
2. Is it the right synonym?
3. Now add antonyms!
4. Productive prefixes
5. Pointer prefixes
6. Pointer roots
7. Handy suffixes
8. Starting your own word bank
9. Fun with numeracy, too!
10. How much have you remembered?

UNIT 3 Punctuation Guidance

1. The punctuation family
2. Why a full stop? Why a capital letter?
3. Questioning and exclaiming
4. Let's hear it for the comma!
5. Commas and inverted commas in stories
6. More about punctuating conversations
7. Talking to people
8. Meeting other family members
9. Meeting still more family members
10. Putting it all together

UNIT 4 Creating Better Texts

1. Types of sentence
2. Types of joining words
3. Working with subordinating conjunctions
4. Working with sentences
5. Thinking about paragraphs
6. Working with paragraphs
7. Connectives: linking sentences, linking paragraphs
8. Varying sentence lengths, varying sentence structures
9. How to avoid the comma (sentence) splice
10. The good paragraph check-list

UNIT 5 Creating Better Fiction

1. Settings and characters
2. How do I begin?
3. Adding life to language
4. Developing characters and settings
5: 10 top tips before starting

UNIT 6 Marking Guidelines

Author - Dr Christopher Nicol

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