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Higher CS: Database Design and Development

Higher CS: Database Design and Development

This is a set of materials designed to take students through the analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation stages of creating/working with relational databases. The materials are closely tied to the SQA course specification (Jun 2018) for Higher Computing Science. As the Higher is now closely articulated to the National 5, the materials cover both National 5 and Higher. This makes them suitable for use with mixed N5/H classes or with students who are 'crashing' the Higher - or perhaps who have not retained as much as they should have from N5! The materials are in Word format so they may be tailored to suit the needs of individual classes. Indeed, if the Higher content is removed, they provide a National 5 course, that students can then continue with when they move up to Higher. The level of each part of the materials provided is clearly signposted.

The CD provided will contain:

  • An extensive set of Learner Notes taking thestudents through the Design and Development process from start to finish
  • A set of related Worksheets to consolidate thetheory and provide practical exercises
  • Two sample databases (one of which is a versionof the HotelBookings database that has been modified to use the internationallyrecognised standard ANSI92 for SQL rather than Microsoft's dialect). These databases are used to illustrate the application of SQL commands and to providepractice for the students
  • Presentations
  • GDPR information card that you may copy and distribute.

£45 plus VAT
Published September 2018

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