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  • PC Passport

    We are delighted to announce the release of learning&teaching materials for 2016 PC Passport course at Level 5. This is a comprehensive offering on the new product & contains everything the teacher and/or learner needs to study for the new qualification.

  • Economics


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  • Computing

    Computing Science products include; PC Passport, AH Programming, OOP, SQL and PHP, BBC Micro Bit, Higher Database Design and Development

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  • Physical Education

    Each answer contains examples to illustrate the depth, detail and quality of information required to gain marks. It will also refer as to how marks are awarded in the answer The booklet also contains advice on what the command words mean.

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  • English

    At AOK Learning we have developed English learning materials, aimed at helping pupils develop basic literacy skills, to aid their whole school development.

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  • Geography

    Higher Geography Assignment - The PowerPoint presentation, note taking sheets, and this booklet are intended to be a guide for students to help them produce their Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Higher Geography Assignment.

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  • Mathematics

    There are 100 questions on each of the three units of the course, Expressions and Formulae, Relationships and Applications. These 100 questions are sub-divided into 10 groups of 10, covering all the main topics of the course.

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  • Modern Languages

    Modern Languages - German/Spanish - National 5. Listening, Reading, Talking and Writing materials to aid your teaching.

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  • Modern Studies

    This booklet and the accompanying presentation are intended as a guide for students to help them produce their ’Assignment’ that forms the ’General Assessment’ component of the Course Assessment for Modern Studies at Higher Grade.

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